193 GD2 Green Drain Waterless Trap Seal 50-58mm 049 / 193 GD2
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193 GD2 Green Drain Waterless Trap Seal 50-58mm

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Product Type: Plumbing Plug

Barcode: 880924001730

Green Drain Waterless Trap Seal

A product designed to solve problems of odour and disease transmission in your home.

This simple, effective floor drain solution has already earned the regard of plumbers across the nation. Traditional floor drain technology poses a variety of problems in terms of maintenance and safety. The Green Drain™ Clinical version - solves these major problems

The Problem:

Plumbing systems, along with open and exposed drains are potential sources for contamination that provide a habitat for pathogens, especially in the biofilm formed.

The Solution:

The Green Drain™ Clinical Version reduces exposure to hazardous sewer gases and disease causing pathogens that harbor within drain lines and plumbing systems. It is the eco-friendly, preventative solution that will lead to improved outcomes

  • Item Code 193 GD2
  • Start Range 50 mm
  • End range 58 mm

Prevents the following from entering through the top of floor drains-

Odors and sewer/radon gases

Insects and harmful pathogen spread


The threat of disease carrying pests that hide in your drains. (I.e. Drain Flies, Cockroach’s, Fruit Flies, Silver Fish)

The need to pour pesticides, chemical applicants and deodorisers down the drain

1. Conserves Water and Water Related Expenses

Eliminating the need for Continuous trap primers, but not to be used in lieu of, per UPC requirements within The US

Dramatically decreasing evaporation within Traps.

2. Reduces

The risk of harmful sewer gasses intruding your facility through drain lines.

Costly chemical expenditures.

Plumbing related call‐outs./p>

Exterminator related call‐outs and call‐backs.

Timely drain maintenance by Facility Staff and Plumbers.

Sewer load.

The chemical impact on our oceans and environment.


Easy to install & easy to remove. No pliers needed

Requires no caulk or expensive installation tool

Saves a significant amount of time, water, costs & energy

The 2” fits in the barrel of most commercial cast iron drains for an easy retrofit into existing drains


Series inline floor drain trap seal with UV resistant ABS plastic frame, silicone rubber sealing flapper and four flexible sealing ribs. Tested and certified to the ASSE 1072 Standard and listed with IAPMO and I.C.C. Specify connection size (2″ (51MM), 3″ (76mm), 3 1/2″ (89mm) or 4″ (102mm))

Used in the outlet connections of floor drain bodies, or the inside of floor drain strainers to seal the opening to prevent odors, sewer gases, and insects from entering up through the floor drain grate. The Green Drain’s four flexible silicone sealing ribs ensure easy installation into openings that have variations in size. The Green Drain will open to allow drainage and close when there is no water flow. The Green Drain can be used in either new construction or retro-fit applications where trap primers were never installed.